Clan Colquhoun and Loch Lomond

If you are interested in research Scottish clans, then a great place to start is around the Loch Lomond area. Many clans had strongholdings and connections with the land around the loch, including clans Campbell, Macgregor and Graham. However the clan which can certainly claim this area as their own is Clan Colquhoun. We welcome members of this clan to our lodges by Loch Lomond every year before they head out to investigate their ancestral home. Here’s why.

Clan Colquhoun of Loch Lomond

Clan Colquhoun holds a special connection to the shores of Loch Lomond. This rich and beautiful landscape has seen generations of Scots grow up and call the Trossachs their home.

The roots of Clan Colquhoun can be traced back centuries. Taking their name from the Gaelic “Cuil Cumhann,” meaning “narrow corner” or “corner of the narrow sea”. This is a reference to their ancestral lands near Loch Lomond.

Standing by Loch Lomond with mountains reflecting on the water.

Clan Colquhoun’s seat, the impressive Rossdhu House, overlooks the stunning waters of the loch. This historic home has been a symbol of the clan’s presence and power in the region, showcasing their enduring connection to the landscape. Unfortunately, it is not easily accessible for tourists as it is part of a golf course. Views can be had from the Loch itself, through boat tours available nearby.

The connection between Clan Colquhoun and Loch Lomond is not merely historical; it lives on in the traditions and heritage passed down through generations. The clan’s influence can be seen in local customs, familial bonds, and even the way the landscape is cherished and preserved.

Discovering your own Scottish family ancestry

Genealogy, or the study of family trees, has become easier in recent years with many records being digitised and available in your own home. Sites like are helpful for finding and sharing family information. In Scotland, the website is an invaluable source for birth and death certificates, as well as old parish registers, census results and much more.

If you come to stay at either Stuckgowan or Stuckdarach by Loch Lomond then you are also sure to meet locals who are a wealth of knowledge about the area. You will be near friendly communities who enjoy chatting about the history of the land and loch. 

Round Ben Lomond sculpture by Loch Lomond.

Family time by Loch Lomond

Making time for our families is important, and is the whole basis of the clan system. So why not do the same and enjoy a family getaway by Loch Lomond? Stuckgowan can sleep up to 19 people, and Stuckdarach sleeps up to 12. Both offer luxurious self catering accommodation, including hot tubs and well-equipped kitchens. Enjoy the five-star life as you explore your heritage and the countryside. 

Discover the lands of Clan Colquhoun

With Wi-Fi throughout both lodges, you can continue your family history research without a hitch, adding photos of where you have been that day. Clan Colquhoun have left a significant impact on the area – book your stay now and experience it all for yourself. Discover availability for these properties by clicking here.