Things to do near Stuckgowan & Stuckdarach

Loch Lomond Attractions

Explore the Loch Lomond area during your stay at Stuckgowan or Stuckdarach, our large holiday homes on the famous bonnie banks. Here, we have listed some of our favourite attractions, activities and things to do around Loch Lomond. Walking, wildlife, history, water sports, outdoor adventure … it’s all right on our doorstep.

Things to do near Loch Lomond

Our two Loch Lomond holiday properties are located on the western shores of the loch, near the villages of Arrochar and Tarbet. There are plenty more lovely towns and villages around the loch too, which are great for visits and day trips. These include Luss, Balloch and Balmaha.

Loch Lomond has everything from picturesque scenes, wildlife walks and relaxing boat trips to thrilling watersports and outdoor adventures. We have waterfalls, country parks, castles, shops, museums, gardens, mountains and visitor attractions.

Explore our guide above to some of the best Loch Lomond attractions, activities, things to do and places to eat and drink.

Our Loch Lomond properties

We have two large holiday homes on the shores of Loch Lomond. Both were originally built for the McMurrich family in the early 19th century, on an estate which covered 5000 acres of land. Stuckgowan was the family’s country house and Stuckdarach was the Estate Manager’s house. We have repaired and renovated both properties inside and out, to create beautiful private houses and grounds, which are ideal for large group getaways. Stuckgowan sleeps up to 19 guests, while Stuckdarach accommodates up to 12 guests. Both have multiple bedrooms, space for cooking, dining, relaxing and socialising, plenty of outdoor space and a hot tub. Please contact us if you have any questions, or you can book online today.

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