About Clan Macnab and their history in Killin

The history of Scottish clans is fascinating. They can tell us about the people and communities that lived in Scotland hundreds of years ago. In Killin, home of our Loch Tay holiday lodge Stucktaymore, there is particular interest for members of Clan Macnab. This is because the Innis Bhuidhe or Yellow Island burial ground is situated here. It is the historical burial ground of the Macnab family.

The water of the Falls of Dochart.
The Falls of Dochart in Killin

About Clan Macnab

Records suggest that the first official mention of the Clan MacNab appears in 1124. However, we hear more about their actions towards the 1300s when they stood against the future Scottish King, Robert the Bruce. Although this led to a forfeiture of their lands after 1314, respect was restored some twenty years later when Gilbert Macnab received a royal charter. 

Clan Macnab proceeded to take part in various battles over the coming centuries. More often than not they were on the victorious side. To this day, the clan still gathers under the watch of the 24th Clan Chief, and have their own website.

The Macnab Clan burial ground, Innis Bhuidhe.
The Innis Bhuidhe or Yellow Island burial ground, Killin

Discovering Scottish family history 

For hundreds of years since the 1600s, Scottish men, women and children have emigrated abroad to countries such as the USA and Australia. When family trees are traced back through the ages, many are delighted to find that they originally came from Scotland and wish to know more. 

There are websites which can help you, such as ancestry.com and, specifically for Scottish records, scotlandspeople.gov.uk. Those who can trace their line back to the Macnab family will be thrilled with the stories available to them about their ancestors. You might even want to come and stay for a while in your ancestral home. 

Macnabs in Killin, Scotland

Members of the Macnab family regularly meet up in Killin to pay their respects to those buried in Innis Bhuidhe. It is a beautiful place, sitting on an island which has special scientific interest. Anyone can visit as the keys are available in the local tourist office. Situated on an island in the River Dochart, you can see why ancient chiefs chose this as their final resting place. It is a rare place, close to the dramatic Falls of Dochart and surrounded by stunning nature. With our Scottish lodge near Killin, why not get everyone together and stay at Stucktaymore, making it a trip of a lifetime?

A vacation at Stucktaymore means a luxurious break in accommodation that can sleep up to 29 people. It is the perfect location to get to know other members of the Macnab clan, build connections and create life-long relationships. Have a dram of the finest Scotch whisky by a roaring fire, or take a stroll down a short path to Loch Tay. Innis Bhuidhe itself is less than a ten-minute drive away, towards the south of Killin. We often find that those who visit enjoy immersing themselves in the country, imagining the lives of those ancestors who lived hard but surely satisfying lives. 

Stucktaymore with Loch Tay behind it
Stucktaymore, on the shores of Loch Tay

Stucktaymore – a Scottish break to remember

Travel back in time with Clan Macnab and stay with us at Stucktaymore near Killin, the Macnab family’s ancestral home. We offer a luxurious self-catering experience for up to 29 people. Make the most of our media room, games room, fire pits, bar and jacuzzi. Re-connect with those you love, and explore the wonderful countryside. Click here to find out about availability at Stucktaymore.